We're excited that you are ready to start making updates to your website! By keeping your content relevant and updated, it will not only keep your existing clients happy, it will empower your prospects to get the right information about your products and services.

If you have never updated a website before - we understand it can be a little daunting! And if you are used to a different style of website back-end, then it can be overwhelming to learn something new. Below is a series of 6 simple "how to" videos. We walk you through the essentials of what you need to update your website. Our aim is to ensure you and your staff have the fundamentals covered, so you can get on with business.

1. Website Overview

We introduce you to WordPress and show you around the important places of the admin panel

2. Page Builder Overview

We walk you through how a website page is built and how you can edit and create them yourself!

3. Blog Posts Overview

We cover this powerful, yet effective feature of your website. Share your insights and news with the world!

4. Uploading + Adding images

Learn how to add images to your pages so your website is both aesthetically Pleasing, and complements your content

5. How to Add links + PDFs

Connect your pages together and include helpful docs and guides so users find the right information.

6.How to Add Menus

Learn how to add new pages to your website menus as you grow your site and business.